Year 4’s Army Visitors


On Monday, we were joined by Lance Corporal Broom and Staff Sergeant Hrycak to talk about the different clothes worn by members of the British Army. They were both asked lots of questions and we found out a lot about how their different clothes and uniforms are suited to different environments.

Warsame and Fatma recorded an interview with them, and this can be found by following the link:

Here are some pictures from their visit:


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  1. Wow! You got to see people from the army and see all there army uniforms.That must of been so cool! I would love to see all the army uniforms.

    from Tia 🙂

  2. How fantastic to have visitors in to school to share their lives and knowledge with you all. I live quite close to Bovington Army Camp in Dorset. There are many tanks there. The children in the local school can tell which type of tank is making its way up the road by the sound that they can hear and they know all the different models of tank. Once we had an Army Chaplain in to school to tell us all about all the different places that he has held church services while ministering to the Troops.
    How lucky you were to try on some of the clothes. Your visitors really look as though they really enjoyed their trip to your school!

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