Creative Maths Fun!


In Miss Ewer’s maths class, we spent the day doing practical and creative maths. It was great fun!

We started off learning about length, and measuring a racing track on the playground. We had to estimate the length first, before measuring with a trundle wheel.

Then, we created our own potions to give us invisibility! We had to measure each ingredient very carefully to make sure the potion was right. They didn’t look very tasty at the end!

After that, we used some data that we worked on for our homework, and work out the average time spent doing exercise in a week. Unfortunately, we only spent 90 minutes a week doing housework at home. Oh dear!

DSC00085 DSC00084 DSC00086 DSC00087 DSC00094 DSC00093 DSC00091 DSC00090 DSC00088


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  1. i really like this what you have done miss ewer and i hope that i can go to your numeracy classs soon to see what youve beeen up 2 and it would be really fun !! from sophie hb

  2. Your practical and creative maths work sounded very interesting. I like that you had to ‘estimate’ first. The older classes where I teach measured a race track around the playground. Then the students were given a challenge. Over the summer term they were asked to run 10,000 metres, just a little bit day by day.

    The invisibility potion sounds very imaginative. Probably just as well it didn’t look tasty.

    It is useful to know how much time you spend exercising. Especially if you compare it to the amount of time you watch TV or play on the play station. I wonder if there was a difference between the data recorded for boys and the data recorded for girls?

    With very good wish

  3. It looks like you had great fun and worked really hard on your maths day. How long was your race track in the end? Were your estimates close?

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