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Year 4’s Army Visitors


On Monday, we were joined by Lance Corporal Broom and Staff Sergeant Hrycak to talk about the different clothes worn by members of the British Army. They were both asked lots of questions and we found out a lot about how their different clothes and uniforms are suited to different environments.

Warsame and Fatma recorded an interview with them, and this can be found by following the link:

Here are some pictures from their visit:


A trip to the North Pole…


As part of our Fashion topic, we spent an afternoon looking at different types of insulators, and thought about what would keep us warmest if we went on a trip to the North Pole.

We started our experiment with 4 ices cubes, and used cotton wool, newpaper, bubble wrap and tin foil as the different insulators for each. We left our ice cubes in a warm spot and thought about what would keep the ice cube coldest for the longest.

It turned out that the newspaper did not make a very insulator, as nearly all of the ice had melted. We found that the cotton wool kept the ice cube cold and so decided that it was the best insulator.

If we went on a trip to the North Pole, we definitely wouldn’t be wearing a newspaper coat!!

The year 4 Catwalk extravaganza!


Here in year 4 we have started our new topic of fashion with a BANG!

All of year 4 got together into groups and designed an outfit for a different decade. Then, we created them, using only plastic bags and sellotape. Finally, we showcased the brilliant creatioons with a catwalk show.

Take a look at our work!