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Using clay to make bones


As part of our topic, Shaping Up, we have learnt all about the bones in the skeleton. Today, we designed bones using clay. We found it quite tricky to join, but we are really happy with what we made!

“It was creative fortnight and we got clay and we made part of the body. Some people made a whole skeleton and most people in 4TE made a skull or a rib cage.”      Alyssa

“Making bones out of clay was really creative and fun and I really liked it. It wasn’t what I expected but it was the best thing of creative weeks” Warsame

Take a look at some of our work:

DSCN3022 DSCN3027 DSCN3026 DSCN3025 DSCN3024 DSCN3023 DSCN3021 DSCN3020 DSCN3019 DSCN3018


A trip to the North Pole…


As part of our Fashion topic, we spent an afternoon looking at different types of insulators, and thought about what would keep us warmest if we went on a trip to the North Pole.

We started our experiment with 4 ices cubes, and used cotton wool, newpaper, bubble wrap and tin foil as the different insulators for each. We left our ice cubes in a warm spot and thought about what would keep the ice cube coldest for the longest.

It turned out that the newspaper did not make a very insulator, as nearly all of the ice had melted. We found that the cotton wool kept the ice cube cold and so decided that it was the best insulator.

If we went on a trip to the North Pole, we definitely wouldn’t be wearing a newspaper coat!!