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Creative Maths Fun!


In Miss Ewer’s maths class, we spent the day doing practical and creative maths. It was great fun!

We started off learning about length, and measuring a racing track on the playground. We had to estimate the length first, before measuring with a trundle wheel.

Then, we created our own potions to give us invisibility! We had to measure each ingredient very carefully to make sure the potion was right. They didn’t look very tasty at the end!

After that, we used some data that we worked on for our homework, and work out the average time spent doing exercise in a week. Unfortunately, we only spent 90 minutes a week doing housework at home. Oh dear!

DSC00085 DSC00084 DSC00086 DSC00087 DSC00094 DSC00093 DSC00091 DSC00090 DSC00088


What year 4 have learnt this half term in topic…


Here in year 4 we have come to the end of our topic on ‘Paintings, pictures and photographs.’

We have really enjoyed this topic, but are looking forward to our next topic which is all about fashion.

Today, we looked at all of the work that we have done and discussed our favourite piece of work and the most important things that we have learnt.

We started off looking at the work of different artists and the reasons why they create the art that they do. We looked at how art can be used for advertising, decoration or information. We pieced together a piece of famous artwork and recreated it.

After that, we worked on Pointillism, in particular the work of Georges Seurat. We then made our own landscape pictures using pointillism.

We then moved on to geography, and looked at different maps and how features are shown using symbols.

We really enjoyed our music sessions, where we got to look at the symbols that musicians write on a score and recreate our own, choosing our own symbols.

Finally, we learnt all about light in science. We had an experiment with torches and found out about transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Some of the results were not what we expected! In our last session, we made rainbow spinners to find out how white light is made up of lots of different colours.

So, now we move into the world of fashion. We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next!

Our International Project – Me and My World


This year we are doing a project with 9 other schools across Europe. The project is called ‘Me and My World’ and ties in with our IPC project. We are going to be sharing what it is like in our country using Pictures, Paintings and Photographs (our IPC topic) and learning about what it is like in other people’s country’s at the same time!

We will be working on our presentation skills including how we draw and create things, how we include written text and how we use digital media to present things. We are also going to learn about life in other countries and what is similar and different to our own country.

Have a look at the different places the schools are who we’re going to be working with. You can also see some photos that the schools have chosen to show us a sneaky peak of their country. We all chose our own as well!

Me and My World Tripline

The end of the year…


So we have come to the end of our year in year 4, we have had lots of fun (some of which can be seen on this blog) and have many memories to share with you!

If you find yourself with some extra time over the summer holidays, feel free to share any projects you might do (this could be a presentation on a topic, finding out about a place you’re going to visit on holiday or working on something we’ve looked at this year). If you read a good book over the holidays you could also tell us about that!

Don’t forget if you’re looking for some maths challenges you can look at the puzzle 7 blog here: Remember to use the levels of difficult on the side to choose questions that are not too tricky!

You could also use the very interesting BrainPOP website

  • Can you become experts and tell me all about a topic? I’d love to know.
  • Can you show me everything you have learned through looking on the BrainPOP site – perhaps you could use photographs to show me all the different things.
  • Share your summer adventures with me.
  • Write your own BrainPOP script on a topic, if you have the equipment you might try and make your own!

Bancroft Villa Visit


On Wednesday as well as going on our local area trip we were lucky enough to be able to go and look at the ruins of the Roman villa on Bancroft. Here are what some of our pupils thought:

On the 18th of July we went on a walk to the very old roman villa. When we were on are way to the roman villa we we went to the decrovsery centre. The lady that was taking us on the adventure told us what we needed to know to answer the questions, the tour lady gave use. So we started to walk to the roman villa and we adventuerly got there. Then we got the question sheet, so we went to look at the fact boards to find out the answer. By Jessica

Hi it’s Isabelle and katie
First we walked to the discovery centre .
Then we took are coats of and are bags.
Next we had a talk with the helpful tour guide.
We walked under a dark tunle befor getting to the roman villa.
We found out that the biggest room in the roman villa was the grand hall ,and they had 4 bathrooms.
Latter we had are lunch and went to the toilet.
And we went to the local village and this is what we saw Ponds,flowers,a cottage and other things.

A big thank you to miss Tranter, miss glenn and miss Grantham.

From, Yr 4.